When is your birthday? Also, I just want to say you're so handsome for your age and the girl you got to share your first time with is very lucky! :)
- Anonymous

my birthday is august 27th, like 2 weeks and day away (!!!) and thank u so much haha, no need to be on anon for messages like this!

- Anonymous

i might, i’m looking for something new to watch but idk whether to watch prison break or AHS!!

i remember i have followed you for like so long, like since you anthony and blythe did broadcasts wow
- aidanjalexander

thank u for still following!! & I know man back in like 2011/2012 lmao, crazy how far anthony has gone now too like whoOah!!

How was your day?
- Anonymous

pretty ordinary consisting of nothing but eating, sleeping, netflixing and yeah pretty much just that!! my boring life all day everyday 

how tall are you?
- Anonymous

i think i’m like 5’4/5’5 or something now, which is good like i’m finally starting to grow considering i was like 4’10 when i first joined tumbr lmao!!

are you a virgin?
- Anonymous

personal but no i’m not, and before ppl try dig at me i’m 16 and turn 17 in 3 weeks get over it (!!!)

how the heck have you not got a gf
- ospales

haha, i honestly don’t speak to nobody in that kinda way and tbh i don’t really want a relationship atm, i like the fact of being able to do what i want in some circumstances but yet i do get so lonely a lot of the time which is vVv sad